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April 24th: ToC – 30,000 Feet Into the Clouds

Join Technologists of Color as Travis Brown helps us answer the following questions:

What is the cloud?
Why move to the Cloud?
How to move to the Cloud?

“The Worldwide Public Cloud Services Market is projected to grow by 17.33% in 2019 to total $206.2B, up from $175.8B in 2018”, according to Gartner.

Therefore, the Cloud is here and will continue to be relevant in all small and enterprise businesses. Travis Brown will take you through the origins of cloud computing, introduce key concepts and answer important questions.

After this session, you will have the foundation you need to further your knowledge and ask the appropriate questions to spearhead the cloud initiative within your organization.

RSVP: toc-cloud2019.eventbrite.com

About our speaker:

Travis Brown is a seasoned Information Technology professional with over 10 years of experience in developing innovative solutions with Microsoft technologies. He has consistently been recognized by management and peers for dedication and producing high-quality work. Travis holds a degree in Computer Science and a Masters of Science in Information Technology.

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