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Oftentimes the journey to become a software developer is romanticized as something that can be accomplished by simply clicking on a website and teaching yourself to code.  A person can simply take the initiative and in three months get hired into their dream job, according to that narrative.  Most times, however, it is a much more difficult path to securing a job in IT.  One of the often overlooked obstacles for those on this path is having a dedicated computer or laptop to work on and one that is sufficient for software development.  While seemingly any computer in good working condition can be used to build software, any professional developer will tell you how extremely difficult it is to work on a poorly equipped PC.  What’s even worse is a computer with broken keys, a cracked screen or has simply died and needs to be replaced.

To help remove this obstacle for those pursuing a career in IT, BlackRock and Technologists of Color are partnering to offer the Laptops for Techs program.  The program aims to provide well-equipped laptops to those who demonstrate passion for a career in IT and the need for a replacement or upgraded computer with which to work.


  • Laptop, keyboard and mouse
  • Laptop Bag
  • Technical training (Cloud, Web Development or Cyber Security)
  • Technical mentoring
  • Technologists of Color swag

Selection Criteria

  • Demonstrated or explained need for laptop
  • Demonstrated desire and/or passion for computing
  • 18yrs of age or older
  • Currently in a non-IT occupation (or unemployed)
  • Black (or of African descent, Caribbean, etc.)
  • Must reside within the Atlanta metro area (including Clayton, Cobb, Coweta, Dekalb, Douglas, Gwinnett, Henry, Fayette, & Fulton Counties)


  • Provided laptops may be new or refurbished, but are promised to be in good condition.
  • Functionality of equipment and accessories will be verified and then distributed as-is.
  • ToC and BlacKRock will not be responsible for support or repair of the equipment once given to the awardee.  
  • Any support, repair or return requests should and will be directed towards manufacturers or retailers.  Any existing or purchased warranties will apply and will be provided to the awardee.
  • An individual is not eligible to participate in the program within 18 months of receiving an award.
  • Awardees must sign a media release reserving rights of Technologists of Color and BlackRock to use their name, photograph and/or likeness on line.

Additional Resources

Program Rules
Media Release Form