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May 30th – Let’s Talk: How to “Create Your Own GPT”

2024 is shaping up to be the year of Generative AI, with ChatGPT, Gemini, Copilot, and more leading the charge. But are you keeping up? Is your business leveraging AI effectively?

🔍 Join us on Thursday, May 30th at 6:00 PM at the Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs for an exclusive event: Technologists of Color presents – Let’s Talk: How to “Create Your Own GPT” led by Harold Alexander of Alexander Software, Inc.

👨🏾‍💻 Harold is a seasoned software engineer with a wealth of experience in crafting custom solutions, including tailored GPT models. He’ll demystify the process, explaining the ins and outs of creating your own GPT, tailored to your unique challenges.

📚 Learn the fundamentals, understand the terminology, and discover the data you need to train your models effectively.

💡 Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity to level up your AI knowledge and ask questions directly from the expert.

👉 Reserve your spot now and unlock the potential of Generative AI for your business or workflow!

Signs to direct you will be present.

See you there.

PS: Parking is free

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